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To plan a visit, or for more information about our packages and pricing, please fill out the form below, and we will be sure to get in touch with you.  We’d love to host your wedding or event at The Barn at Double K Ranch!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What months are you open to host events?

We are available to host your special event April through early November. AC and heat strips have been added to provide climate control however the barn is not insulated so we are unable to keep the barn heated during the coldest winter months.


Where are you located?

We are located just north of a quaint farming community in East Central Illinois, Cissna Park. We are a few miles across the Indiana border, 50 miles NE of Champaign, 30 minutes South of Kankakee, and an hour and a half South of Chicago.


How many people does the space accommodate?

Our main event space is located on the second floor of the Barn and can accommodate 200 guests for a reception setup and up to 250 for a ceremony setup. We have multiple setup options available in the Barn as well as tent options available for rent through an outside vendor.. 


What’s the walking/driving distance from the ceremony location?

The barn has ample parking with complimentary shuttle service for guests to and from the Barn.


Is the venue near any b&b's or guest hotels, and can you recommend any?

Yes! We have wonderful accommodations in the local area ranging from 5 minutes away to 35 minutes. Ask for our recommended b&b and hotel information.


How many hours does the rental cover?

Our weekend rental begins at noon on Friday until midnight on Saturday. 


What kinds of restrictions do you have?

There is no smoking on premise and only candles in approved glass containers are allowed.


Can we hire outside vendors?

You are able to choose your own vendors including caterer, as long as they are licensed and insured. There is no additional per head cost to do so. You may use our cedar bar  and three 40 gallon stock tanks to serve your choice of drinks. You must provide special event liability insurance when holding an event at The Barn.


Are tables and chairs included in the venue rental?

Yes, we have white padded wood-styles chairs, as well as round and rectangle tables for up to 200 guests included in your venue rental.

Available on-site are:

Round:       5 foot tables – 5

                   6 foot tables – 12

Rectangle: 8 foot tables – 4

                   6 foot tables – 3

Additional tables and chairs are available upon request to meet the needs of your wedding event. 

How many place settings do your tables hold?

8 place settings fit perfectly- 2 between each set of legs. 9 place settings also fit just fine and the manufacturer recommends 10 place settings. We recommend:

Head table: 8 place settings

5 foot tables: 7-9 place settings

6 foot tables: 8-11 place settings


Do you have tablecloths we can rent?

We offer both tablecloths and linen napkins in a variety of colors and sizes. Inquire for quantities and pricing.


Can we bring our own alcohol, such as wine, beer, and spirits?

You are able to bring your own liquor, wine and beer. Our cedar bar and three 40 gallon black stock tanks are available to serve your choice of drinks. You must provide special event liability insurance.


Can we have a live band?

Our Loafing Barn with aggregate concrete flooring is the perfect place to setup your live band. 


When can our vendors begin setting up?

You and your vendors may begin setting up as soon as your rental begins. We provide round plastic tablecloths to cover the tables overnight. We strongly recommend ensuring your rental includes 24 hours before your ceremony to give you plenty of time to setup centerpieces and decorations as well as be able to spend as much time as you want to prepare and dress before your ceremony. Most brides setup and decorate the night before so that they will have the entire morning to prepare and dress for the ceremony. Your vendors can tell you how much time they will need to setup before your ceremony in order to plan for their time schedule as well.


What items are included in the venue rental?

We have a few decorative pieces and furniture that come standard with your venue rental. Our glass inlaid lighted head table with white curtains to hang behind are included as well as our 2'x6' movable cedar bar and three 40 gallon black stock tanks. The cedar bar has a large chalk board on the front and chalk is included to personalize it for your event. We also have 8 wine barrels with two planks to create  drink or food stations and three round wood table tops to create cocktail tables. Patio furniture and a swing, 5 picnic tables (2 indoor and 3 outdoor), white wicker furniture, a round oak antique table, and three white painted doors that are movable for decorating. We also provide a climate controlled bathroom trailer that is wheelchair accessible and has three stalls, mirrors, and a baby changing table. 

Can we bring our own decorations?

You are able to bring all your own decorations. We want your special day to look just as you picture it! We also offer rentable decor in a variety of styles and price points. 


Is the venue handicap accessible?

We have a small elevator to take guest with special needs to the Loft so all guests can participate.


Is firewood provided for fire pit?

Yes, wood is provided for the fire pit.

Have more questions? Feel free to submit a contact us form above!

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