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Creative Wedding Favors

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Creative wedding favors

Favors are an inexpensive way to thank your guests and personalize an element of your wedding in a way that represents you and your new spouse. Choosing the right favor for your wedding will provide a lasting memory of your special day. Depending on your style and vision, your favor can be as unique or practical as you wish. From make your own, to personalized memorabilia, there are a lot of different ways to show your guests your gratitude and excitement from the day. When deciding which type of favor to offer your guests, there are some important factors you should consider.

Koozie wedding favors

Type of Venue

The type of venue plays a big factor in what type of favor you offer your guests. If you plan on having an outdoor ceremony, edible favors may not be your best option as they can melt in the sun or heat. Just like the type of venue can lend to your wedding theme, it can also play into your favor as well. Offering rustic themed favors at your barn wedding ensures each guest a fun highlight from the day as well as a happy reminder after they’re home. Whether its personalized drink Koozies, wild flower seed packets, mini lanterns, or mugs, there are a lot of rustic inspired favor ideas to choose from that both tie into your wedding theme as well bring the excitement of the day home with your guests.

Succulent wedding favors

Wedding Location

The location of your wedding can also play a factor in choosing your wedding favor. If you’re having a destination wedding, you’ll want to ensure your guests are able to return home with their favor. You’ll probably want to avoid glass and other items that do not travel well. Taking your wedding location into consideration can also inspire some unique favor options as well. Whether it is something from the location itself like a local food item or inspired by the location like personalized sunglasses for a beach wedding or personalized hand fans for a country wedding, offering a favor that acts as a souvenir for the location is a great way to ensure your guests keep their favor and the memories of the day.

Personalized wedding favors

Favor Budget

One of the biggest factors in deciding on your wedding favor is the amount of money you’ve set aside to cover it. Most couples spend $1-$3 per favor and that cost can really add up with your guest count. You’ll also want to give yourself a cushion of a dozen extra favors to cover unexpected recipients and guests that take more than one favor. After setting a budget for favors and seeing the cost, a lot of couples opt for practical and useful items to ensure their time and money is not thrown out after the “I do’s”. Useful favors like bottle openers and stoppers, hot cocoa or drink mixes, and other food items ensure your guests use their favor and your time and money is not lost. It also gives your guests a happy reminder of the big day every time they use their favor.

There are so many ways to send your guests off with something to remember the festivities by. With all the time and effort required to prepare for your wedding, finding the best wedding favors can be a fun and stress-free element to the planning.

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