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Our  Story

Hello! We are Molly and Calvin Lynch; we are the owners here at The Barn at Double K Ranch. We are so excited to share our ranch with you! We cannot wait to help you write the next chapter in your life story, as we keep writing our own with you. We first met each other through a mutual friend of ours at a bonfire not far from either of our hometowns. From that night on our love story has been full of star gazing, random date nights, cross country road trips, camping adventures, an engagement, and wedding planning; nothing short of a true Hallmark love story.

We purchased our dream; this beautiful event venue in late May 2021. The Barn portion of our name sure does make sense, but you might be wondering why or what does the “Double K Ranch” mean or stand for. Well, that started around the same time as our love story. One night on a mini road trip, Molly was just pooped; and in her jr. high years, she always loved the movie- Despicable Me. In this movie, if you are not familiar, there is a scene where the children are too hyper to sleep, and they beg their dad for the bedtime story; “Three Sleepy Kittens.” Well that apparently stuck and on this evening out for a drive Molly looks at Calvin and explained that she is a “Sleepy Kitten’. From that point on Molly’s pet name has been Baby Kitten and Calvin’s pet name has been Big Kitten. So, if you have not put it together already, we are “The Barn at Double K Ranch,” for Kitten and Kitten.  What better way to embrace and share our love story than through our very own special event venue?

Please feel free to reach out! Whether you are planning a wedding, family reunion, graduation party, shower, celebration of life, or anything that requires a large area to get all your loved ones in one spot; we will do everything we can to make your event exactly what you hoped it would be, all while making you a part of our ever-growing love story. We cannot wait to have you out to The Barn at Double K Ranch- where happiness is unconfined.
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