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I had my wedding at the barn in October 2018.  Beautiful setting and wood beams! We had about a hundred guests and everyone complimented on how beautiful the barn is!  The very tall ceilings upstairs are beautiful and

the lights that they custom

made really make it stand out.


Some may wish to see a miracle but never do! I, on the other hand, have witnessed a lovely one. This property was owned in the latter Nineteenth Century and early Twentieth Century by my grandparents. Their farm was one of prominence at that time; but as the years passed and the property changed hands, the buildings aged with some becoming ruins. Rhonda and Kent renovated this relic into a beautiful, yet rustic, party center that exudes a welcome of both warmth and charm rekindling the past while inviting so many possibilities for the future. Their door of opportunity to build your perfect memory is open! Enjoy!

I am so impressed with the grandeur and the beauty of the historic barn.  It was an incredible venue for my friend’s wedding and reception. Thanks for making it all possible.  



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