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Choosing Your Wedding Arch

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Wedding Arch at The Barn at Double K Ranch

When deciding on your overall vision for your big day, the biggest focal point you’ll picture is where you will say your vows. Having a focal point for your ceremony is a staple in wedding designing. It can help tie in your overall wedding vision and offer a stunning view for your guests as you say your vows. While there are many traditional and nontraditional designs to choose from, picking the right style to match your wedding vision is key. Depending on your location, venue, season, and budget, there are many options to consider when creating your perfect wedding alter and/or arch.

Outdoor Woods Wedding Arch


Wedding arches have long been a go-to décor staple for wedding ceremonies. From cascading blossoms to rustic wood, the styles of wedding arches are as numerous as they are trendy. Depending on your wedding vision, the traditional arch can even be molded into more modern shapes and materials to say your “I do’s” under. From triangles to hexagons and complete circles, the shape of your arch can change based on the theme and style of your wedding. Deciding early on whether you want an arch as a focal point of your ceremony is important as your wedding vendors may need extra time or planning to make your vision a reality. Most florists can take the lead on the floral aspects, but you’ll want to start early on any DIY arches or look into renting an arch from a specialty rental company especially if the style you’re looking for is a popular one.

The Barn at Double K Ranch Wedding Arch Alternative


For brides looking to create a vision with a little less traditional means may be interested in wedding arch alternatives. Whether you’re hosting your ceremony at a ballroom or in a barn, there are many ideas to pull from in creating a nontraditional alter and arch. In fact, most places either provide some sort of “focal point” or have an area ready and waiting. Make sure to check with your venue for the amenities and set up options available to you. Your wedding theme can also be everything you need to come up with the perfect vision for your vows. If you’re wedding dreams entail a rustic barn with gorgeous wood beams as your focal point, your ceremony may only need something simple like repurposed doors or old frames to show off the view and center you and your significant other in the shot. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, the view of the land around you can also prove to be the perfect backdrop as you say your vows. Even without an arch or alter, your ceremony setup can easily focus your guests to the charming view of the bride and groom.

Wedding Couple

Whether your wedding incorporates a more traditional approach to the arch or offers a nontraditional focal point, talking with a wedding planner about your overall wedding vision may also help you decide on a particular design and ensure it becomes a reality. Just remember that although it is great to set the stage for creating a lasting memory, the vows between you and your spouse are the real centerpiece of the ceremony.

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