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Summer Wedding Tips

Summer Wedding

Summer is the peak wedding season and for good reason: lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, flowers everywhere, and a fresh airy vibe all around. It’s the perfect season to plan large luxurious ceremonies, rustic country nuptials, or casual backyard gatherings. Although the season may be warm and bright, there are some key elements you’ll need to plan extra for. We’ve gathered our top essentials to help ensure your big day is easy breezy.

Summer Wedding

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Summer is one of the most popular times to get married, which means booking your dream wedding date can be difficult. It is best to start planning and booking your venue as early as possible. A lot of venues will book a year or two in advance so if you have a particular date in mind, you may want to start checking venue availability a.s.a.p. You’ll also want to plan and nail down your vendors early to ensure you get the best selection. When it comes to planning, summer is prime vacation time. School is out and families generally look to plan a getaway during the long break. To ensure your guests are able to plan around your big day, send out your announcements around 6 to 8 months before the intended date.

Summer wedding refreshments

Beat the Heat

When planning your summer wedding, the beautiful sunshine can also pose as a problem if you aren’t prepared for it. Offering sunscreen and cooling stations is a great way to keep guests nice and cool in the summer heat. When booking your venue, look for both indoor and outdoor set up options. If your location is in a particularly hot part of the country or the season seems to be more of a scorcher than previous years, hosting an indoor ceremony may be your best option. Planning an outdoor ceremony mid-day is also not advised as the sun will be at it’s strongest. If you do plan a mid-day ceremony, talk with your photographer and venue about alternative times and picture perfect spots for your post ceremony and couples shots. The bright sun overhead may be beautiful in the sky but those swoon worthy shots are typically captured during the golden hour right before the sun starts to set.

Summer wedding reception

Tried and Tested

When planning your dream wedding vision, it’s important to note that some décor elements are not realistic for a summer wedding. Certain blooms are known to wilt in hotter temperatures so it’s important to do your research when picking centerpieces and floral arrangements. Your florist can help you find florals and leafy greenery that can withstand the heat and still create the vision you’re looking for. Have a cooling plan in place for your bouquets to keep them from wilting in the heat before the ceremony. If your reception is outside, you’ll also need to have a cooling plan for your cake to avoid it melting in the heat. Summer events need special care when it comes to all the food and drinks. A beautiful campaign fountain sounds wonderful but in the height of the summer heat, it might be more prudent to offer guests a more refreshing beverage to cool off and stay hydrated with. Offering guests plenty of refreshments throughout the event is a good idea in general but especially during summer wedding’s.

Summer wedding

Having your wedding during the dog days of summer can be a gorgeous affair full of sunshine and perfection. With proper planning and care, you can avoid summer woes and have the perfect blissful day. And if you’re looking for the perfect summer wedding venue, we have a beautifully charming and rustic venue at The Barn at Double K Ranch. Love begins here.

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