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Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Your wedding palette is key to setting the vision, you want, for your special day.

The colors you choose are an extension of your personal style as a couple and will create the setting for your wedding. Below are some tips to help you color your wedding perfectly.

How to choose wedding colors

Get Inspired

To build your palette, start with a color that will be the base for your vision and then add accent colors to compliment and round out your palette. This will ensure dimension and variation while preventing the colors from being too over-the-top or matchy-matchy. Finding inspiration for your palate can come from a variety of sources.

Using location to choose your wedding colors

Location, Location, Location

Sometimes the easiest inspiration for choosing your wedding colors can come from the venue itself. Are you saying ‘I Do’ in a distinctly styled hotel ballroom, a monochromatic church, or a naturally rustic barn? Drawing from the setting of your special day can help inspire a color scheme that will enhance what you love about your venue and prevent clashes in your wedding style. If your venue is more of a blank slate allowing you freedom to add as little or as much color as you want, you can draw color inspiration from Mother Nature herself.

How to choose wedding color palette

Tis’ the Season

Although there are no rules saying your wedding colors have to match your wedding season, there are some natural hues found in each season that can lend inspiration to building your perfect wedding palette. Think about the season you will be saying your vows in and use that overall mood to inspire the colors of your special day. Drawing from the tones of the season can help naturally create a cohesive wedding aesthetic for your guests and overall vision for your day. If you need additional help in finding the right hues, look at the colors that surround your everyday life.

Match Your Style

Open your closet, look around at your home décor, flip through a magazine and see what stands out to you and your partner. Choosing your wedding palette can be as simple as looking at what you are drawn to and what compliments your style. Your favorite statement piece could be the key to finding the perfect hues to compliment your overall vision and mood for your special day.

How to choose your wedding colors

Remember, your wedding doesn’t have to be a myriad of colors to make it perfect. Sometimes the best color choices can be simple. Once you’ve decided on your colors all the other decorative details will fall into place, from flowers and table linens, to stationery and wedding party attire.

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