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Creative Ways to Show Guests to Their Seats

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Wedding reception at The Barn at Double K Ranch

While having assigned seating at your wedding isn’t mandatory, it does afford many perks to the organization of the event. It makes dinner service less stressful for your staff, ensures each table is full, and gives guests direction. When it comes to actually telling your guests where to sit, the goal is to find that sweet spot between creativity and ease of use. When done correctly, your seating chart will seamlessly be integrated into your wedding décor. Here are a few of our picks and tips for creative wedding seating chart ideas to inspire you.

Chalkboard seating chart

As a naturally rustic venue, we tend to lean toward the rustic décor and so are in love with the look of a blackboard and chalk, elegant flags, scrolls, or a simple wooden board. Depending on your wedding style, you can take each of these ideas and make it your own. When creating and organizing any seating chart, keep in mind that you should always alphabetize and select a legible font that’s big enough for guests to read.

Creative seating chart

If your wedding size is on the larger side, having multiple mediums like flags or boards may make it easier for your guests to locate their seat location. You can still bring in a wow factor of a large piece by presenting them as a larger display.

Scroll seating chart

If your looking for a more elegant feel, scrolls might be more your style. Hanging them from the ceiling or wall adds a romantic finish sure to stop wedding goers in their tracks. Fabric flags can also display a romantic or ethereal vibe while adding a pop of color to your wedding décor. Adding flowers, greenery, or lights are sure to charm your guests.

Colorful banner seating chart

Each of these ideas can be suspended from the ceiling, hanging on a wall, or simply mounted on an easel adding to your wedding décor while giving your guests a clear indicator of where they need to go. No matter which style you choose, you are certain to create a seating chart that’ll get your guests talking while ensuring everyone finds their seat.

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