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Creative Ways to Thank Your Wedding Guests

Thank you letters

With the season turning to family and friends and all things thankful, we are looking at creative ways to thank your wedding guests. When it comes to your wedding day, there are some rather important people you need to thank and while you’ll easily have the bridesmaids and groomsmen appreciation in the bag, there’s still a room full of people who you might want to show appreciation to. Here are some creative ways to show your appreciation to your wedding guests.

Thank you pictures

Spread the Love

The simplest way to thank your guests is to make a speech doing just that. Take some time during the big event and tell your guests just how much you love and appreciate them. With COVID uncertainties and restrictions, being able to share your special day with your loved ones and friends can have a whole new appreciation. Feel free to take a few moments and share that appreciation. If a more intimate setting is preferred, plan some time to pull special people aside and thank them personally. Saying thank you to someone in particular doesn’t have to be a public affair.

Thank you notes

Write it Out

Aside from verbally thanking your guests, you can also write it down. This can take many forms from special thank you notes sent out to all your guests after the wedding to an integrated part of the ceremony or reception. You can write your thanks in many areas and forms that guests may interact with before and during the big event. If you have a special wedding website or Facebook page, it’s a great way to show your appreciation before the big day and after. You can also express your thanks during your ceremony and reception by including special thanks in the program, menu, or cards on the reception tables. It can be easier to express yourself in written words in more detail thank verbally, so take the opportunity to be specific in your written appreciation.

Thank you favors

Gifts of Love

Choosing something you think your guests will enjoy is a nice way to say thank you. Wedding favors or welcome gifts are a common way to show your guests your appreciation. Special notes on favors or other thoughtful gestures add a personal touch to show your guests your love and appreciation. Consider using your thank-you notes as an opportunity to show off your first pictures together as husband and wife. You can send out copies of a special photo or create your own photo card…just make sure get permission from your photographer.

Whether they’ve come from overseas, across the country or down the road, they’ve given their time, spent their money, and they’ve been an important part of your special day. Finding a special way to share your appreciation is an important part of your wedding celebration.

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