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Rainy Day Wedding Tips

Rainy day wedding

Spring is in full bloom and with that comes a lot of rainy weather. When rain is in the forecast on your Big Day, have no fear. We’ve gathered some of our favorite tips to help make your wedding a dream come true rain or shine.

Always Have a Rainy Day Plan

Regardless of the time of year you are planning your happily ever after in, it’s always a good idea to have a rainy day backup plan. Even if you’re planning an indoor ceremony and reception, you’ll want to walk through a “what if it rains” scenario for your venue set up, guest transportation, and vendor accessibility. Most vendors will have their own backup plans for unpredictable weather so more than likely you’ll just need to ensure that they have all the info and access to the venue to keep to your time schedule in the event of rain. You’ll also want to plan for your pre wedding getting ready in case of rain. Are you having your hair done on location and in the same building as your ceremony or will you need to brave the weather to arrive. A lot of the planning may just entail having an umbrella and an extra pair of shoes handy however depending on your venue layout and ceremony plans, having a rainy day backup plan is a must. The best way to start is to talk to the venue and find out what their rainy day backup plan includes and planning around that.

Rainy day wedding ceremony

Head to Toe Rainy Day Gear

One of the worst things about rainy weather isn’t that it may dampen your day. It’s that it will dampen your feet and can make your wedding day an uncomfortable one. Keeping rainy day gear handy is the best way to overcome soggy situations. If you’re planning your special occasion during the rainy season, the first thing you’ll want to secure...after the venue...are clear umbrellas. Clear umbrellas are a great solution to a rainy day wedding because they both look uniform and still let in a lot of natural light. Dark umbrellas cast shadows on faces and can ruin the whole color scheme of your wedding vision. You can shop online for clear umbrellas or rent them from a vendor. Most venues do not offer umbrellas onsite for ceremonies. Whether you’ll just be walking in from a separate location or taking bridal portraits, you’ll also want to plan for the possibility of mud and your gown. Take time out before the ceremony to talk with your photographer about backup portrait locations and/or transportation to those locations in the event of rain or muddy surroundings. Having a pair of rain boots or waterproof shoes on hand is also a must for rainy or muddy conditions. It will keep those gorgeous bridal shoes nice and dry as well as your feet. Depending on your wedding dress, you may not even be able to see the rain shoes in the photos. If your special day is almost guaranteed to have a downpour, you could even coordinate your wedding party with rain boots that play up the weather conditions in your portraits.

rainy day wedding portrait

Embrace the Rain

Whether the forecast calls for rain or it happens out of the blue, the best tip we can give you is to simply embrace the situation and have fun with it. Play into the weather for you bridal portraits and don’t skip your sunset photos just because it may be overcast. Allow the photographer to get creative with your shots and you will not be disappointed in the unique beauty captured in rainy day portraits. Be sure to schedule time after your wedding portraits and sunset photos to freshen up before returning to your guests. This will give you time to fix any minor imperfections caused by the weather as well as give you a chance to change back into your wedding shoes. Even if the worst-case scenario arises and your dress or your partner and you are a mess, take the opportunity to dance in the rain together. It’ll be an unforgettable way to begin your new life together.

rainy day wedding portrait

Regardless of planning or prepping, what ultimately determines the “perfect day” is the joy shared between you and your partner as you declare your love for one another and commit your lives to each other. That is what will shine through any gray sky to your guests and what will be captured in your photos.

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