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How to Style your Barn Wedding Decor

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

The Barn at Double K Ranch rustic style

Styling your wedding theme at a barn wedding venue is our favorite wedding planning “To Do”. No wedding is ever alike and we are always pleasantly surprised to see each bride’s unique style. Whether you’re wedding vision encompasses a more natural rustic charm or maintains a modern take, planning your wedding style at a barn venue is easy breezy with our tips.

Location. Location. Location.

When deciding on the look of your dream wedding, the first factor you should consider is the location of your ceremony. Are you planning on saying your “I do’s” indoor or outside? Is your venue set in lush fields with wide-open skies or do you have more of an industrial view with limited space? Knowing your options is a great place to start when deciding how to style your barn wedding décor. Using the natural surroundings and colors to compliment the overall aesthetic of your theme is a great way to make your wedding vision a dream come true.

The Barn at Double K Ranch 40 foot beams and vintage lighting

Set the Focus.

If your overall vision is to mainly showcase the rustic features of your venue, you don’t want to cover it up with too many fabrics or misdirect your guests’ views. Choosing the focal points for your ceremony and reception is key to styling your barn wedding. Does your venue have gorgeous exposed beams you want to accentuate or a one of a kind view? Speak with your wedding coordinator and/or the venue owners for set up options. Their experience and knowledge could be key in choosing the overall vision for you big day.

Rustic barn decor

Embrace the Natural

Regardless if your ceremony is indoor or outdoor, having the setting at a barn is sure to give your guests and photographer plenty of awe worthy views. Let your venue carry the bulk of the style load. Having your ceremony at a barn means charming details and rustic views are standard. Adding unique personal touches while maintaining the overall natural appeal is a great way to create an effortlessly romantic setting right out of your wedding dreams.

The Barn at Double K Ranch rustic head table

The beauty of a barn wedding venue is the flexibility to style the venue however you wish. With so many options to choose from, the hardest part is deciding which overall vision you want for your big day!

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