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Inspiring Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring Wedding Ideas

Springtime is a special time of year full of sunshine and gorgeous floras and new beginnings. Spring weddings are no different with a plethora of blossoming flowers and a wide palette of pastels to choose from. To get you inspired for your own spring wedding, we’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas, tips, and tricks that embrace this beautiful season.

Pastel Flowers Spring Wedding

Pretty in Pastels

Pastels are an essential spring wedding palette as the softer shades offer a fresh feel that’s perfect in spring wedding planning. When choosing your wedding colors let your style and mood guide you. Just as the weather begins to warm and the sun starts to shine more, the feelings of new beginnings and change are a powerful force to channel into your wedding theme and overall tone. Don’t shy away from using those feelings in creating your color palette. To begin, choose a base color to use

Fresh Blossoms Spring Wedding

throughout your wedding theme. Then choose a few additional colors to complete the look. Don’t be afraid to mix colors…whether that’s with a pop of a

brighter tone or softening an overall palette with a neutral color. You also want to pay attention to your venue location and make sure your color choices go well with the general aesthetics. Just because the colors may seem common, doesn’t mean they need to be predictable. Get creative with your use of pastels in fun décor ideas, unique stationary, colorful bridesmaid dresses, and signature cocktails. Soft fabrics and blossoms are an easy way to bring the gentle feel of spring to your wedding.

Bountiful Blossoms

No spring wedding is complete without an abundance of pretty pastel blooms. Flowers are a long time staple in all weddings however spring weddings offer a overflowing of floras not matched in any other season. From the altar to the cake to the reception and even stationary, blooms are a favorite highlight in spring weddings. Fortunately, spring brides have a great many beautiful in-season blooms to choose from. Before choosing your floral design,

Spring Wedding Flowers

remember your overall vision for your wedding and allow that aesthetic to guide your choices. Look at flower styles, flower types that appeal to you, and your chosen color palette to help narrow down your design. Consulting with your florist will also help you formulate a plan for the blossoms you need, color varieties available, and costs. Your wedding bouquet will have center stage in all your floras so make sure it compliments your style, theme, and dress. Get creative with your use of floras with flower filled aisle backdrops or arches. If your special day is taking place indoors, you can still bring the abundance of spring inside with pots, baskets, or wooden crates overflowing with blossoms on tables, down the aisle, and throughout the venue. Many spring flowers are especially fragrant so keep that in mind if you or your guests have sensitive noses.

Spring Wedding Reception

Spring weddings are inherently elegant and romantic with a focus on fresh and lighthearted elements that reflect the joy of the changing season. Everything becomes green and fresh again. Planning a spring wedding is the perfect time to celebrate new beginnings…and your nuptials…with family and friends.

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