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Stunning End of The Night Exits

Wedding Exit with Sparklers

After the vows and toasts are made, the only thing left to do is ride off into the sunset, right? Many couples use this exit as a way to leave their guests with one last image of the big day. Whether you are looking to wow your guests one more time, or incorporate your theme in a final element, there are many creative ideas for a magical end to your night. Regardless of you vision or budget, there are a few tips to keep in mind when creating a stunning end of the night exit. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite ideas and tips to help your exit be just as spectacular as your ceremony.

Wedding Exit with Streamers

Coordination is Key

When planning the first step into your happily ever after, the most important tip is coordinating it with everyone involved. If your exit involves props for guests, as most exits do, you’ll want to task someone or a crew to ensure all guests are prepared. This is a great job for your wedding party. Leaving guests to discover a table with flower seeds to throw or sparklers to ignite on their own can cause a lot of confusion when the moment arrives and excitement is high. You’ll also want to communicate and coordinate with your photographer beforehand so they are prepared for the exit and able to capture the picture perfect moment. They can also help ensure your guests are set up to showcase your send off in the best way. A good tip is to station your bridal crew in planned locations to help direct guests and ensure your send off elements are in frame for the photographer.

Wedding Exit Flower Pedals

Take It Personal

Planning a send off is a great way to show off your wedding theme one last time or a special interest you and your partner share. Whether it’s tossing a confetti item or waving objects, there are many fun and creative ways to showcase your wedding theme or special interest. When looking at confetti, many couples skip the wildlife hazard of rice or sequins and opt for a more creature friendly item like birdseed, flower seeds, or bubbles. If your new spouse and you enjoy a specific hobby, incorporating it into your send off is a great way to share with your closest friends and family. Confetti cut out of sheet music, light sabers, sports team themed pom-poms are just a few ideas. You can also incorporate the season by tossing fake snow, dried flowers, or leaves. You’ll want to speak with your venue when planning out your exit to ensure you follow any guidelines and know the restrictions. If you’re looking to have your guests wave objects instead of tossing them, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty for everyone and the set up is doable in a short amount of time. If you’re working with lanterns or sparklers, you’ll want to consider lighting each in a short amount of time since their burn time will be limited. A lot of couples opt for easily sustainable items like glow sticks or streamers for guests to wave. Whether your send off is at night or during the day, out of the box ideas like having your guests toss paper airplanes or spray silly string can make for a unique exit and a creative photo without the hassle of a light element.

Wedding Exit with Confetti

After your stunning exit, you’ll want to plan for the cleanup. Speaking with the venue will be key. If your event ends after dark, make sure your cleanup crew is able to locate and handle the cleanup. With proper planning and creative thinking, your exit is sure to be as unforgettable and seamless as your ceremony and reception.

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