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Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Wedding Guest Book

A guest book is a great way to remember your day and the loved ones who were present during your nuptials. While many couples have traditionally set up a designated station at their wedding for friends and family to sign a standard guest book, those guests books tend to get sidelined to a bookshelf or storage box once the festivities come to a close. Alternately, couples have chosen to incorporate more creative ways to commemorate the day and provide a keepsake worthy of displaying for years to come. We have gathered some of our favorite tips and ideas to offer inspiration for you when choosing your own unique wedding guest book ideas.

Wedding Guest Book Alternative

An alternative guest book offers a great way to further personalize your wedding and furnish details either more about the day’s events or the happy couple in a fun experience. It can also offer a fun activity for all guests to feel part of the special day. When brainstorming your wedding guest book ideas, look no further than your wedding theme. If there are certain details you are already working into your wedding décor, there’s a good chance that there’s an item you could use for a guest book alternative. If your wedding is centered on a unique location, use that to create a unique memento of the day. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If your wedding is at barn, like ours, have guests sign a rustic wood board that you can later use in your home décor. If you’re having a destination wedding, have guests sign a special souvenir or a globe to mark the location. Keep in mind that however you choose to record your guests, the item should be something you will want to keep and display in your home.

Polaroid Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Another aspect to consider when choosing your wedding guest book idea is practicality. Since it will take a few weeks to receive your professional wedding photos, Polaroid snaps form the day are a great option for couples who want to be able to reminisce immediately following the wedding day. It can also give you a unique view of your event through the eyes of your guests. If you don’t want to have multiple cameras going off during your big day, you can also incorporate a photo booth to keep the use of cameras limited and in one location while still allowing guests to have fun and record their presence. Most photo booths offer multiple prints of their photos so guests are able to take a memento home with them as well. Set up a photo collection station like a box or wired frame with clips near the booth to ensure your guests leave you a print to keep as well. You can also have pens or markers for guests to sign or write a message with their photos.

Personal Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Choosing a unique wedding guest book alternative can also incorporate special interest you and your partner share. If you both love game nights, set out Jenga pieces for guests to autograph to create a unique set that reminds you of the happy day every time you play it. If you share a love for wine, have guests sign a wine bottle that you plan on open on your first wedding anniversary. Offering personal insight into you and your beloved’s special interests while maintaining practicality and usefulness is a great way to make guests feel part of your special day that wont be easily forgotten.

Choosing to incorporate an alternative guest book offers the chance to infuse even more personality into your wedding and the options are truly endless. Remember to keep in mind that you may need to source extra materials, like an easel and good quality pens, to complete your idea. If your idea involves more time for guests to interact with, then make sure to allow for that in your day’s timeline. The goal is to offer a unique way for your guests to record their presence and you don’t want to miss it!

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